Force of Technology

We live in an exciting world, be an explorer of things.

Pioneer of Technology

Canagrill Trading trive to be the market leader in discovering, trading, and distributing the latest and the best of modern inventions. We look at products with immense potential to improve lives and bring them to the world.

The technology portfolio is one of our most consumer oriented and exciting market segment. In this segment we introduce the newest consumer products, latest technologies, and life changing goods.

Think about the first washing machine, the first computer, or the first mobile phone. Think about how much our life have changed as a result of these things. This is one of our most exciting segment because we are constantly introducing modern inventions to the world. Granted we are not inventors, but we do our job just as well as the brillian minds behind all those life changing technologies. While an inventor transform ideas into reality, we make sure that reality comes within your grasp affordably and quickly.

We are constantly updating our portfolio, so take a look on our facebook page and you may just come across the next revolution.


Even though much of our products are sold through retail channels, we realize that there is a limit to our conventional partner's ability to carry everything the world has to offer. As a result some great products fall through the crack, therefore we made it our mission to bring them to you directly.


We do our best to supply our retail and wholesale partners. For more information on products, moq, payment terms, and other strategic inquiries please contact us directly via any of our communication channels. If you are an existing client it is best to contact your current product manager.

power club

A new way to buy things! Ever thought about how much you can save if you had the buying power of a large corporation? Join our Power Club and benefit from tens of thousands of regular shoppers just like you that decided to band together and buy from the manufacturer directly.