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rojana industrial park

Rojana Industrial Park

Rojana industrial park operates six modern industrial parks in Thailand and one mega project in Burma, a total development area of over 60,000 acres. Established in 1988, Rojana industrial park is one of the most successful and experienced industrial park estate developers in the world.

Thailand as an important member of the Asociation of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) offers boundless opportunities for investors, thus home of many fortune 500 businesses from around the world. Thailand is at the heart of a rapidly developing South East Asia that saw rapid economical and social development from neighboring countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. While more developed nations in the region such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore offers a large and growing market. Together, the region is on its way to become a major economical powerhouse with vast market potential.

Thailand is also the gateway to a large Asian market, various trade agreements with China, Japan, and Korea provides strategical trade benefits with companies operating in Thailand, making Thailand a strategical hub. On top of these advantages companies reside in our industrial park also benefit from a wide range of Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) incentives.

If you are thinking about expanding into the lucrative Asian market, Thailand is a prefered choice, and Rojana is the best partner for your business success.


Even though much of our products are sold through retail channels, we realize that there is a limit to our conventional partner's ability to carry everything the world has to offer. As a result some great products fall through the crack, therefore we made it our mission to bring them to you directly.


We do our best to supply our retail and wholesale partners. For more information on products, moq, payment terms, and other strategic inquiries please contact us directly via any of our communication channels. If you are an existing client it is best to contact your current product manager.

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