joy is in the food

The only fuel that powers absolutely everything.

picture of golden wheat

Fuel for the world

Food is a major segment in our trade portfolio, because we love food, because food fuels people and in turn fuels the world. The food industry has undeniably evolved with time, there were great advancement in both quantity and quality. As a result food is cheaper and more accessible.

Our work in the food industry is a noble one and a job we take seriously. We move delicious foods across boarders, we introduce delicacies from different cultures. For instance, because of us, Canadians are enjoying delicious Jasmine rice from Thailand, and Thais the sweetness of Canadian maple syrup. Food brings people closer, a well fed population is the foundation of a secure, content, and progressive world.

As a responsible member of the food industry we feel the need to ensure the safty and quality of our product for our customers. Our products are consumed and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people daily, therefore we go the extra mile to ensure the safety of all our products.


Even though much of our products are sold through retail channels, we realize that there is a limit to our conventional partner's ability to carry everything the world has to offer. As a result some great products fall through the crack, therefore we made it our mission to bring them to you directly.


We do our best to supply our retail and wholesale partners. For more information on products, moq, payment terms, and other strategic inquiries please contact us directly via any of our communication channels. If you are an existing client it is best to contact your current product manager.

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